Ah…Lashes – the Pros of Lash Extensions

//Ah…Lashes – the Pros of Lash Extensions

Ah…Lashes – the Pros of Lash Extensions

Long, thick, luscious lashes.

The stuff a girl dreams about, especially when the only way to get some semblance of long, thick, and luscious is to pile on the mascara. But mascara can end up looking lumpy and caterpillar-esque if you put it on too thick.

Cue in the individual lash extensions.

With lash extensions, you can have the glamor of full-on fluttery lids without putting on a single swipe of makeup. They’re simple, beautiful, and oh so worth it.

Pro 1: Time Saver

Having lash extensions put on may take a few hours, but once you have them, you’ll save so much time with your beauty routine. Morning makeup will only take seconds because, with eyelash extensions, you’ll find you won’t be putting on a full eye of makeup!

Forget the eyeliner. Nix the mascara. Now it’s all about the natural look. That means an extra few minutes of precious morning sleep.

Pro 2: Youth Enhancer

With lash extensions comes the appearance of a mini eye lift. Those gorgeous peek-a-boos surrounded by long and healthy lashes will take quite a few years off of your face. No one will ever notice if you have a single fine line on the edge of your eye: They’ll be too busy admiring how beautiful you look.

Bigger, brighter eyes without surgery or expensive creams!

Pro 3: It Suits YOU!

Extensions are customized to fit your eyes, coloring, and lifestyle. The lash stylist is an artist using your eyes as a canvas. Your lashes will look so natural that no one will recognize what it is that looks different about you.

Similar to natural lashes, they can withstand many of your daily activities. As long as you take care of the lashes by brushing them gently after showering, avoid rubbing your eyes, and sleeping on a satin pillow, lash extensions can last a few weeks.

Just like any other service, be certain you’re going to a salon experienced and certified in individual eyelash extensions. An inexpensive product will have adverse effects on your natural lashes, so it’s important to do your research before going to any lash extension salons in the Sugar Land and Houston areas.

Just think, you’re one step away from having the eyelashes you wish you had been born with.