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Eyelash Extensions After Care

You can enjoy your beautiful new eyelash extensions with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Proper care and maintenance of your new Eyelash Extensions will ensure that they remain as beautiful and luscious as they are today!

Guidelines for the First 24-48 Hours

  • Avoid exposing your lash extensions to water, heat, sauna and friction.
  • Do not apply any eye cosmetics or skin care products to your lashes or eyelids.
  • Avoid showering during the first 24-48 hours; if you must shower, keep it brief to limit the exposure of steam, and do not wet your lashes.
  • Try to sleep on your back the first 2 nights to ensure that your lashes do not become tangled while the adhesive is in its drying stage.
  • Ask your stylist about an Ets Lash Studio® Eye Mask to wear while sleeping.
  • In the morning, use a lash brush to gently separate and groom your lash extensions.
  • Avoid receiving chemical treatment and irritating eye area treatments to the lashes.
How to care for your eyelash extensions after the first 48 hours

Guidelines for After the First 48 Hours

  • Keep sauna, steam room and tanning visits to a minimum as the application of heat and moisture weakens the adhesive bond resulting in premature shedding.
  • Cleanse your lashes and eyelids daily to maintain healthy and beautiful lashes and lash follicles. Use an oil-free Eye Makeup Remover and a Facial Cleanser with lash swabs to gently remove eye makeup and mascara.
  • Avoid using oil based skin care products on or near your lash extensions, as these can dissolve the adhesive bond.
  • Avoid using waterproof cosmetic products on or near your lash extensions.
  • Although mascara is not necessary with your eyelashes, it can be used sparingly on the tips to create an even more dramatic look.
  • Groom your lashes daily using the lash brush provided by your ETS Lash stylist.
  • Mechanical eyelash curlers can break both natural and synthetic lashes. A heated lash curler can be used sparingly to help shape and curl lashes on the TIPS of J Curl lashes only. Avoid using a heated lash curler on C Curl lashes.

Above All, be gentle to your new lashes! Do not pick or pull them. When removing eye makeup, be gentle and refrain from excessive rubbing. The life cycle of an eyelash is 60 to 90 days. Lashes will shed naturally at the end of their life cycle and refills/relashes will be necessary every 2 to 4 weeks to replenish these lashes.

Xtreme Volume & Length Mascara™

Add dramatic length and volume to your eyelashes in one easy application! New, fuller-designed brush coats and thickens each lash from base to tip, achieving ultimate length and volume. The same great, color-rich formula you love delivers extreme definition and separation without clumps, flakes, or smudges – and removes easily with Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover. Formulated for eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes. Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens safe. Extreme definition, length and volume. Vitamin B5-enriched conditioning formula. Long lasting, water-based formula removes easily with Aloe-based Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover.

Xtreme Lashes® Glideliner™ Long-Lasting Eye Pencil

Award-Winning GlideLiner™ Long Lasting Eye Pencil. Define, line, color and contour your eyes in one easy stroke with the Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiner Lash Extension Eyeliner.

A product that combines the benefits of liquid liner, with the steadiness of an eyeliner pencil, while maintaining compatibility with eyelash extensions. This liner glides on smoothly, allowing you to achieve a precise, defined line.

The smooth rich color sets quickly while enriched with Vitamin E. Color glides on silky smooth and dries to a resilient, water-resistant finish that lasts throughout the day.

Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Pencil Colors

Xtreme Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand

Luscious eyelashes deserve equally appealing accessories for their care. This Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand, with refined detailing and elegant gold toned case, is destined to be every diva’s delight. With the patented collar design, the brush glides smoothly from the barrel and returns to the housing for compact storage. A custom fitted cap ensures the tip stays tiptop and tidy when not in use.

Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser

A cleaner that contains Aloe Vera while it gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin and conditions your lashes and brows. Coconut-derived cleansing agent removes impurities and makeup while anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich botanical extracts including rosehip, chamomile, eyebright and cucumber calm, refresh and nourish and protect for a daily beauty treatment.

  • Over 90% natural with no artificial colors, fragrances, dyes, or mineral oil
  • Sulfate free – won’t irritate or strip your skin of natural oils
  • Formulated to be used on eyelash extensions and natural lashes
  • Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin

Xtreme Lashes® Protective Coating

Extend the life of your lash extensions! This formula coats and seals the attachment between the lash extensions and your natural lashes.

Apply it to your new lashes once or twice per week.

Xtreme Lashes® AMPLIF•eye™ Lash & Brow Fortifier

A healthy and nourishing, drug-free formula that works.

AMPLIF•eye™ Lash & Brow Fortifier’s highly concentrated formula of fortifying peptides and nourishing botanical extracts are suspended in an innovative liposomal delivery system to get to the root of thin, short, gray, and sparse lashes and brows.

Fortified and nourished follicles produce healthy lashes and brows that look longer, thicker, darker and more plentiful.

Revolutionary Peptide Technology

Three powerful peptide complexes (14 total peptides) replenish amino acid levels – fortifying and rejuvenating the hair follicle.

10 Nourishing Botanical Extracts

Anti-oxidant and vitamin rich natural extracts of Green Tea, Borage, Saw Palmetto, Evening Primrose, Nettle, Rosemary Leaf, Ginseng, Apple, Sugar Cane and Witch Hazel nourish and restore lashes and brows. Highly Concentrated Formula

The highest concentration of amino-acid rich peptides and nourishing botanical extracts for maximum results.

Innovative Liposomal Delivery System

Liposomal delivery system facilitates the passage of the ingredients into the follicle where lash and brow production occurs.

Drug-free, Prostaglandin-Free

Fortify, nourish and rejuvenate your lashes and brows without the risk of harmful, drug-related side effects.

Compatible with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions

Clear, oil-free gel formula specifically developed for eyelash extensions. Longer, thicker, more plentiful natural lashes create an even stronger foundation for eyelash extension application.

ETS Lash Studio Sleep Mask

These masks are lash-abulous, fashionable, and fun! This ultra light foam eye mask has a contoured shape so that there’s no pressure against your lash extensions. Receive better sleep knowing that your lashes are protected throughout the night. This lightweight mask features adjustable straps and is hand washable.